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04-15-2013, 10:35 AM
Kiss My Ass Guys You're On Your Own is what that means. And that's the way I felt on Friday after what felt like a six day work week. It's cause I hadn't fished in two and half friggin months. that ain't fair. Life and weather oughta be more cooperative.

Keith and I hit what we call 'The Round Pond' (we're real creative namers) about 9:00 Saturday morning. It was raining pretty good at my house when I left to pick him up but the storms were headed due east and we were headed north so we drove out of it. Turned out to be a real pretty day, albeit a mite windy but who cares? I only did about ten Crazy Ivans.

We got the boat unloaded and in the water and I noticed we'd sprung a dang leak. Likely from me dragging it across the concrete to put it in the back of the truck. So We dragged the boat up on the bank and I just happened to have thrown my dry bag/boat bag that has about forty eleven 400 boxes in it and dug out my 'Save a Trip' box to get to some JB Weld to try and fix that leak. Soon as I opened it, I saw something I thought I'd lost forever last summer up in Canada; my wedding ring. Man that made the whole trip. I lost a bunch of weight last summer and the dang thing was so loose I was afraid I'd loose it so I put it in that box so I wouldn't. And then promptly forgot about it. And then thought I'd lost it for sure.

So when we finally got back to fishing we ended the day with 39 bass. I brought home 8 for a mess and added a bag of crappie to that from the freezer and we had ourselves a heck of a fry last night. It was loud with laughing with the grandson and son and DIL and niece and us and then when the food got put on it got quiet as a church. Sure sign of good vittles.

A great day on the water. The red eared sliders were kanoodling and the buzzards were acting amorous and the fish cooperated just enough. Got sunburnt and relaxed too.

Now, when can I go again?


04-15-2013, 12:17 PM
Scroll down to Jase loosing his wedding ring.


It doesn't show all the stuff he went through, from the show, trying to find the ring.

Sounds like you guys had a great day! :D

04-15-2013, 03:17 PM
Very nice! If your ship sinks, and you still catch a mess o fish and have a good time, I think you could be a professional relaxer!