I had two young gobblers come running in to me, this afternoon, and let them both walk....they were young and dumb, with short beards....gonna go back in a couple of days to find their grand-pappy, hopefully.

Ran into the landowner earlier, before I hit the woods, and it musta been my lucky day....he showed me three more blocks of timber that he owns, and asked if I wanted to hunt them, also....well, duh!!!!!....of course, I said, "Heck, yeah, thank you!!!".

All toll, I've now got his permission to turkey hunt on about 1,000 acres, and the lease price can't be beat---Free!!!!....he's addicted to rabbit hunting, and has some jam-up beagles....I've let him hunt my place for the past 20 years, and he has become a great friend....I'm a lucky ole s.o.b., for sure.