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Thread: Fishin’ Report

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    Fishin’ Report

    Birddog and I got a decent forecast so we loaded up the jon boat this morning and headed to a cola pit. No pics. We caught three smallish bass. but it was a 61 degree day with some sunshine and a stiff but bearable wind so we gave it the college try. Saw a bazillion redtails, some buzzards, birds were trying to get their he’in and she’in thing going and we did see one nice little herd of eight or so deer. And even if the fishing wasn’t good the company and the day outside was.

    Let’s get some spring reports going!

    Viva Renaldo!

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    It’s 20 degrees here with a windchill of 10. Kinda hard to be thinking Spring yet.

    I’m sitting at an ice rink while my son is taking skating lessons. He liked football so much, now he wants to try hockey so he can hit people in the winter too.

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    My kind of kid! I’m about a month out from fishing myself and will have to live vicariously through you, Posthe.

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