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Thread: I think we turned the corner.

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    I think we turned the corner.

    on winter that is.
    Last week started out with snow, today it was 75 !
    Finally put the new boat in the water tonight, #1 & #3 went out with me. Beautiful night on the water, boat ran great, now I just have to finish up making it ready for summer fishing.
    Today I also moved the boat to the barn and took the Bimmer home, top down, sun shining mid 70's, it sure felt good.
    The Gov. just opened our part of the state to allow restaurants to open, and more out door activities to happen,
    funny she should do that, as her summer home is here, and I'm sure she wanted to spend Memorial Day Weekend up here.
    So let the fun begin !!!!
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    I hope you guys can have a nice long weekend, Bubba. we need some pics of the new boat!

    Viva Renaldo!

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