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Thread: Mich. weather

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    Mich. weather

    Back on the 11th, we had 34 degrees and snow, two weeks later it's a thunder storm and 85 degrees.
    At least we're a little to far north to worry about tornado's , nice rain, love a good boomer, dog's hate it.
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    We dodged most of the big rain over Memorial weekend but got body slammed late yesterday and last night. Night crawlers committed mass suicide in my pool, hundreds of them. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Our ground is that saturated though.

    Its as green as can be. Lovecthis time of year.

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    The rain missed us over the weekend too. Even so far this week the storms are passing all around but missed us.

    Yesterday I was in the driveway working on one of my PWCís and a storm was passing to the west of my house. We didnít catch any of it but could hear the thunder. There was a tom turkey just into the woods next to the house and he would gobble back at every thunder clap. Pretty entertaining.

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