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Thread: About to find out how strong our marriage is

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    About to find out how strong our marriage is

    Been married going on 54 years and for the past 52 we've been a two car family. I always gave the wife the new or best car. I just did not want any breakdowns when she was driving the kids, or running errands. Usually a new vehicle every 5 or 6 years,
    #3 Son needed a different SUV, the one I sold him 5 years ago (2012 Ford Expedition) turned 100K last week and needed some expensive updates and I was looking to move up to a new 2022 SUV to replace my 2017 Explorer. So we made a trade, and I took my old Expedition back and used it as a trade-in on my new SUV. ( The Expedition needed 4 new tires, all fluids changed, some dents removed, back tail gate repainted, front struts replace, and a good detailing inside and out) They still gave me 11K for it. Said it is considered a low mileage vehicle.
    Now back to the title of this post, my new SUV was ordered today along with the trade in, but will take 4 months to get it, so we're back to a one car family for the first time in 52 years.
    We're both retired and I do a little work from home, she goes to the gym M-F from 8-9 AM, then runs her errands , most days home by 11. I can make my appointments anytime, but prefer them after 10 and before 3 PM, so it should work out, but I'm sure there will be a few days where conflicts will arise, so we'll just wait and see. No she is not getting the new one, her 2018 GMC only had 24K on it and she says it took her this long to figure out all the nobs and buttons and as far as she's concerned it's her last car.
    It could be a long 4 months.
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    We’ve “sort of” done the same Bubba. Lynn would always get the “premium” car and I always had a pick-up. I traded the pick-up on the motor home and bought a little 2021 Nissan to pull behind it. I normally trade cars every 3 years, but we decided to keep Lynn’s 2018 Highlander Limited. Heck, we’re both retired and just don’t put any miles on our cars anymore. Her 2018 only has 20,000 miles on it and I don’t think we’ve put even 1000 miles on the Nissan and 450 of those miles were from driving it home from Atlanta (closest dealer we could find that had a standard trans in stock). We’re not officially down to one car, but about as close as we can get. The Nissan (Versa) is a small car with a stick shift, so we generally don’t use it and only plan to tow it, but it’s still available if we need it.

    As a side note, we really like the little Nissan. It is what it is, but it’s really a much nicer car than we expected. The dang thing is getting 40 mpg and the sticker was only $14,995 (new). Until I shopped for a tow car, I wasn’t even aware you could still buy a new car for under 15K.

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