The same ole Cajun lady that gave me the praline recipe, also gave me her Cajun sweet pickle recipe....I've made them several times, and it is absolutely the easiest way to make sweet, spicy, crunchy sweet pickles.

Any idjit can make these pickles....even Buckley couldn't screw up this recipe!!!

And, they're ready to eat in about 24 hours!!!

If you don't like these pickles, call me collect, and I'll refund your money!!!

1 gal. jug of plain WHOLE unsliced DILL pickles

5 pounds of sugar

1 cup plain taragon vinegar

2 oz. bottle of Tabasco sauce

2 cloves chopped garlic

1 heaping tablespoon pickling spices (optional)

Remove pickles from gallon jug, and discard the dill juice. Slice pickles into thick 1/4 inch slices.

Rinse out the gallon jug.

Place a layer of the sliced pickles into bottom of gallon jug.

Add a little of the vinegar mixture, some of the sugar, and then more pickles.

Repeat layering until all ingredients are in the jug.

(Yes, it will all fit into the jug, but you gotta really stuff it all in there.)

Place lid on the jug, tightly, and lay jug on it's side.

Ocassionally, rotate the jug until all the sugar is dissolved.

Chill in fridge, and they'll get crunchy.

Usually, takes about 24 hours, and they're ready to eat.