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    James "Bill" W. Conine

    Niners words to us ALL:

    "Man!!!! This "end-of-life" stuff sure leaves a lot of untied things left to do. But, it's like Di and I were talking about the other day.....NONE of that stuff (except for making sure my Will is up to date) is as important as meeting "The Man"......He's calling me home for a reason, I just wish I could know what that reason is in advance ---- so-to-speak.
    I'm just grateful He's giving me the chance to say goodbye to the folks that I love!

    image-2.jpg Bill03.jpg Bill28.jpg MontanaMafia.jpg Bill14.jpg image.jpg IMG_1208.JPG Niner.jpg

    Rest In Peace my Friend!

    You will be eternally loved and missed by your GoodHunting family.

    Bill's Obituary :

    Niner Memorial Flowers.jpg
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