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    TeeDub (WhiskeyJack)

    TeeDud .jpg "TeeDub (WhiskeyJack)"

    Terry Whitney

    Lot of us ole timer's knew him by WhiskeyJack!

    I found these words from him, to us:

    "Take care everyone. Even though I don't post very often, I think of you all and the good ol' days very often."

    Rest In Peace My Friend!

    You will be eternally loved and missed by your GoodHunting family.

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    Posthole told me "WhiskeyJack is a straight up guy".
    Man.....was he ever right. Those two trips, and especially that first night sitting on his deck in Stony Plains with the wind blowing and it was 74 degrees, and I left Little Rock's 111 F to go up I wanted to buy the house next door.

    As fun a trip as I have ever had. But TW, if you're listening, I need my needle nose pliers back! (If he can read that, he's laughing).
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